Clegern Elementary

(photo courtesy of the Edmond Historical Society)

Clegern Elementary School is located southeast of downtown Edmond on a three-acre tract of land that was donated to the Edmond District by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clegern in 1928.  This gift carried a stipulation that if the school were not built within five years, the land would revert to Mr. and Mrs. Clegern.  The reason for their donation was their concern for children having to cross Second Street to get to Kingsley Elementary–which was on the site presently occupied by Russell Dougherty.

The north wing of the building was built in 1931 with only one room completed for use.  The front entrance was on the north.  Later the other two rooms were finished and the three classrooms housed students in the first through fourth grades.

In 1949, Phase II of the Clegern building was added because of the Edmond growth.  Phase II added three more classrooms.  These three classrooms constitute what is now the middle section of the existing facility and the school then included grades one through six with a teaching principal.  The west classroom, which was larger than the others, included a stage area and was utilized for meetings and programs.

In 1950, the cafeteria and kitchen area were added.

In 1959 Phase III, which includes the final three classrooms and restrooms, was added to complete the building as it now stands.

In 1983, Phase IV included the remodeling of two classrooms into the media center along with seven classrooms, restrooms and a teacher workroom.  The school now has classrooms for kindergarten through fifth grades plus classrooms for music, enrichment, and special education.

The school underwent some interior renovations in 1990, and again in 2002 when more updates were completed. Additionally, the entrance to the school was expanded.

During the 2011-2012 school year, an additional wing was added on the west end to accommodate three more classrooms that house 5th grade and our Core Knowledge classroom. It was this year the cafeteria kitchen was expanded allowing for a fully updated kitchen to serve the students and staff lunch each day.

Our most recent addition, a safe room/multi-purpose room, was completed in time for the fall 2016 school year. It was built on the northwest side and was funded by the last bond issue. The space is for a storm shelter and will be used for Physical Education and school activities. The multi-purpose room is set up like a gym, although not full-size. It holds six basketball goals, a volleyball court, full score board, two restrooms, office and room to run. Students and staff will love and appreciate this space for years to come!