The instructional goals integrate the curriculum and technology in a student-centered classroom where the students are actively involved in the educational process.

  1. Focus on basic content, and higher-level thinking skills that accommodate a variety of learning styles and multiple intelligences.

  2. Develop a core curriculum which incorporates the essential skills needed to provide competent, life-long learners.

  3. Access, organize, interpret and evaluate information from a variety of sources.

  4. Engage children in ongoing learning activities (individual and in teams) in order to stimulate computer proficiency.

  5. Support children’s exploring, communicating, thinking and problem-solving skills.

  6. Expose children to complex, real-life issues incorporating project-based learning with a variety of technology.

  7. Make technology available when the need arises so that children can integrate it into their learning.

  8. Use technology to communicate effectively and creatively.

  9. Understand and participate in the democratic process where children assume responsibility for their own actions.

  10. Incorporate authentic assessment by both the learner and the teacher as an integral part of learning.

  11. Engage in technological experiences not feasible with other tools.