The Edmond district plan for implementing computer technology programs for the elementary schools has been initiated at Clegern.  This involves networked computers in each classroom to provide computer-assisted instruction, a computer lab to allow for large group use and two iPad carts (with 50+ iPads) and a laptop cart (of 30 computers) for extension of topics taught.


A counselor works with children needing individual counseling.  The counselor also coordinates all testing and placement activities.  Classroom guidance sessions are conducted in all grades on a regular basis.  Areas of emphasis include: study skills, responsibility, self-concepts, friendship, cooperation and decision-making.  Learn more about Mrs. Shortt.


An art teacher works weekly with all 5th grade students.  Emphasis is placed on visual art techniques, appreciation and understanding.


A Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is provided for students who qualify as intellectually gifted.  A GATE specialist serves identified students through a pull out program.  The GATE specialist also helps the regular classroom teacher to provide enrichment activities for all students. Learn more about Mrs. Clarke


The school health program includes various activities directed toward the promotion of good health and fitness habits, safety, learning about and caring for the body, and overall wellness. The health curriculum is supported through standards to teach these concepts in an age and development appropriate manner. Learn more about Mr. Isaacs


Elementary physical education classes meet for approximately 60 minutes per week for students in grades K-5. Emphasis is placed on meeting individual challenges, developing self-confidence in the area of motor skills, enhancing physical fitness, developing healthy lifetime skills and displaying good sportsmanship. The PE program takes place in a positive atmosphere where all students are active, regardless of their skill level. Learn more about Mr. Isaacs


Approximately 60 minutes of music instruction is provided per week for K-5th grade students.  Emphasis is on general music as well as vocal music. Learn more about Mrs. O’Connor


Personnel assist both teachers and children in meeting needs related to Indian Education.


A Learning Disabilities teacher works with children who have been determined to have a specific learning disability after a series of tests and conferences.  Children who qualify are placed on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to help meet their specific learning needs. Learn more about Mrs. Wooldridge.


School nursing activities include identifying student health needs, administering health screening tests, providing emergency care for ill and injured children, giving health counseling and safety instruction, and assisting in the maintenance of a healthful school environment.  Five nurses serve the Edmond Public Schools through traveling assignments.


A speech/language pathologist provides services to designated children through a referral from a teacher or parent. Learn more about Ms. Johnson


School psychologists provide testing services for students referred for specific needs, and oversee the implementation of Individualized Education Plans. For questions, please contact Amy Waite.