Many students and families regard summer break as just that—a break from school and classroom studies.  Unfortunately, it often means a break from reading, which can seriously hamper achievement in the classroom.  There’s a solid link between the amount of independent reading children do and their success in school.  In order to encourage all our students to continue reading over the summer, we have a summer reading program.   Below you will find the instructions and bingo sheet for our Clegern Summer Reading program.  There are two levels of participation.  To complete level one, participate in EITHER the Clegern Summer Reading program, or a public library’s summer reading program.  To complete level two, participate in BOTH.  

In addition to the above program, Mrs. Foster has issued a special challenge this year to all our returning Clegern students to see if they can read more minutes that she does this summer.  Here are the specifics:

  1.  This is an individual challenge.  Each challenger needs to submit their own log.
  2. Minutes must be logged using the Metropolitan Library’s logging system.
  3. Minutes must be read from June 1 to July 31 – the same time the MLS summer reading program runs.  Although you can work on your Clegern Summer Reading program before and after these dates, only reading done between June 1 and July 31 counts for this challenge.
  4. A printout of the log or badge showing time read must be submitted to challenge Mrs. Foster.
  5. Minutes are entered by the reader – it is reader’s honor to be honest and true on your minute reporting.

Physical copies of reading logs and bingo sheets must be turned in by August 24.

Thank you for participating!  If you have any questions, please shoot Mrs. Foster an email.  She will check in occasionally during the summer and send replies!

Happy Reading!

Clegern 2019 Summer Reading Instructions

Clegern 2019 Summer Reading Bingo Board

Metropolitan Summer Reading Info

Track MLS Minutes here, or using the Beanstack App for iOS or Beanstack App for Android