To go to a website, click the name below.

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics Brainteasers     Great brainteasers that have PDF downloads for the question and the answer.

NRich    This website is out of Cambridge, England, and has games divided out for students in upper primary and lower primary.

United States Mint    Are you interested in the history of money?  Would you like to know where our money comes from when it’s brand new?  Visit the United States Mint.  Check out the Games, Cartoons, and Time Machine of Coin Mysteries.

Steve Spangler’s Science  See videos and read about science experiments.

NASA    Check out information about the space shuttle mission with video clips.  Learn about the international space station.  There is also other information for you to learn more about the planets and stars.

Kid Zone    This site is great for students to research various animals.

San Diego Zoo Webcam     Go to this site for a webcam about apes.

San Diego Zoo Webcam    Go to this site for a webcam about polar bears.

San Diego Zoo Webcam   Go to this site for a webcam about panda bears.

Eagle Webcam    Go to this site for a webcam about eagles.

National Zoo Webcam    Go to this site for webcams for elephants, lions, and pandas.  It takes a bit of time to load.

Eco Kids     At this site, you will learn about our planet and its animals.  There are lots of games, news and facts, and there is even a children’s art gallery.

Desert USA    If you want to learn more about deserts in the USA, go to this site.  There are tabs for various grade levels if you scroll down.

Weather    This is the website to get current weather and stories.

Colorado Science Simulations   Go here for science simulations.

Energy Quest   Go here for science project ideas.

Kids Health    This site has tabs for various health topics…everything from the systems in the body to puberty issues.