Dear Clegern Elementary Students and Parents,

Welcome to Clegern Elementary! I am thrilled that you and your family will be such a vital part of Clegern’s success this year. Clegern is an outstanding school not only because of our dedicated staff, but also because of the support and cooperation of our students and parents. Our school is a place where people care for, respect and trust one another and our goal is that each student receives the kind of education best suited for him or her based on their individual needs.

At Clegern, our staff uses Core Knowledge as the common instructional sequence of concepts presented. The Core Knowledge Sequence is a detailed outline of specific content to be taught in science, math, history, geography, language arts, and fine arts. A variety of teaching approaches and methods allow us to serve the different learning styles of students and we insure that students learn in an environment that fosters cooperation, mutual respect, individual responsibility, success, and positive self-esteem. Please visit for more information.

Although school is a major source of education for a student, learning at home is even more important to a child’s development. We understand fully what a powerful difference parents can have on how much and how well a child learns so we encourage family involvement and look forward to working together to make sure that your child’s time at Clegern is a fulfilling and a positive experience.

This handbook has been prepared for you and your family so that you will know more about Clegern. Please read the information included so that you and your family will be familiar with district and school policies and our school procedures.

Your visits, suggestions and questions are welcome. I look forward to working closely with you and your children!


Teri Cowden-Draper