Mrs. Melissa Meyers has three children: Clayton, Carson and Coraline, all students in Edmond Public Schools. She has been married since 2001. Mrs. Meyers was born in Utah, but moved to Oregon when she was three and lived on a farm there for 24 years. She comes from a LARGE family (five sisters and three brothers) who love our country. Two of her brothers  are in the military, and her step father and father-in-law are retired Military.
Mrs. Meyers’ mom is a school teacher and her dad is a master mechanic for the school transportation department, so of course that means she grew up in the school system family. For the last four years Mrs. Meyers has worked in an elementary office and for many years she served as the PTA President and Treasurer. Recently her husband’s company expanded to Oklahoma and decided her family was up for an adventure. They arrived to Edmond in the fall of 2017. Some of Mrs. Meyers favorites include gardening, hiking, anything with nature, flowers, birds and bugs! The smell of rain makes her happy! She is an avid reader (and doesn’t spend much time watching TV). When she’s not at school you’ll find her running, walking, and spending time outside with her family.